This assignment will help you prepare for your final logic model


This assignment will help you prepare for your final logic model project by helping you develop your logic model building skills and some interaction with you instructor.

Provide a short description of the logic model / outcomes measurement plan you will construct for your final project. Include:

  • Name of organization- Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence
  • Name of program – Domestic Abuse Intervention Program
  • Name and purpose/objective of program or service.
  • Target population.
  • One example of an activity / intervention needed to implement the program.
  • One outcome of the program.
  • One indicator that will measure progress towards achieving the outcome.
  • Be sure to provide sufficient explanation to be clearly understood; use complete sentences.
  • 3-4 paragraphs in length.

(Note: The human services issue/program I have selected is on reducing the rates of domestic violence against women in society. The Domestic Abuse Intervention Program under the Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence, will be based on an involuntary recommendation by the courts and probation officers. Men are the perpetrators of most domestic violence cases, and it is crucial to address domestic violence as a social issue. The program will be used to aid in the reduction of domestic violence instead of opting for jail sentencing. It focuses on addressing domestic violence by seeking to change the minds of men regarding their use of power and control on women. The program will be based in Guam and include men who have been reported to perpetrate domestic violence. Men recommended by the courts will be the only target population recruited into the program.) This is just a brief description of what I had to provide for my discussion in the previous week, please add additional information to meet the requirements requested above.