Transportation | Management homework help

This paper should be based on an area of transportation and logistics that you want to research.  Some suggested topics are transporting hazardous materials, international logistics, warehouse/inventory management; logistics technology; outsourcing; or any other topic related to logistics subject to your instructor’s approval.
Your paper should be typed using MS WORD and follow the APA formatting guidelines ( It should be six (6) to ten (10) pages long not including the title page, abstract, and references.  You should include a minimum of five (5) references (do not use your textbook as a reference).
Your topic must be approved by your instructor (see the due date on the course calendar).  Let your instructor know what topic you want to write on through the dropbox located in this section.
If you have any questions about this assignment, please post them in the course questions forum.
Your paper will be graded as follows:
Quality and Depth of Content60%Format and organization of paper (see above)10%Use of standard English grammar and spelling15%A minimum of (5) five references 15%Total100%