Use a drug reference book or online drug information resources to

Use a drug reference book or online drug information resources to find some basic pharmacological information about the drugs used in cardiac emergencies listed in Table 16-1 of your text. Use the Drug Worksheet (SUR_140_Drug_Worksheet.docx  ) to complete this assignment. Try these websites to find the needed information (feel free to use others):
Use the search feature of the site or its alphabetical index to locate information on these drugs.
An alternative search strategy is to go to or some other search engine, type in the name of the drug and look through the various results to find the information you need.
Using your word processor, complete one worksheet for each drug. Fill in the requested information.
Save each document as an .rtf file. Please save your file using the following naming convention: LastNameFirstInitial-Drugname.rtf.
For example: WalkerP-Aminophylline.rtf