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   you should not be submitting anything under 350 words in three solid paragraphs. 
  Turn in all assignments as PDFs only 
  We use APA style ONLY in this class, even if an assignment suggests otherwise. Bookmark the OWL at Purdue for APA Style and access it every time you need to cite and reference. APA style is totally precise per medium cited; there is no guesswork involved and its precision varies specifically per cited medium. 
 Hide Submission Folder InformationSubmission FolderWeek 3 Assignment–Parasocial RelationshipsInstructions
After studying the assigned reading, The Handbook of Communication Science, Second Edition: Chapter 20: Media Entertainment, considering the topic of parasocial relationships, answer the following questions or prompts.
A) Identify a character in a show with whom you have developed (in the past or present) a parasocial relationship. Remember, this personal can be “real” or a character role. Explain why this character/person is compelling to you.
B) How do you “know” or view this character outside of her/his role on the show? Has s/he influenced you in any way besides the aspect of entertainment?
C) Explain any emotional attachment to the character or person. Has s/he disappointed you? Motivated you? How and why? 
Support your responses with research from the Learning Resources. Use APA in-text citations where necessary and cite any outside sources.
Due DateApr 1, 2018 6:00 PMHide Rubrics
Rubric Name: COMM 202 Assignment Rubric
Development and ContentExceeds Standards40 pointsMeets Standards35.6 pointsNeeds Improvement27.6 pointsDoes Not Meet Standards23.6 pointsCategory is worth 40% of overall grade
Develops answers with effective supportive examples; provides a balanced presentation of relevant information and shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis; reader gains insights; specifically meets criteria of defining key points, events, or contributions
Develops answers with adequate supportive examples; information displays evidence of a basic analysis; reader gains some insights
Does not fully develop answers and may lack detailed supportive examples; analysis is basic or general; reader gains insights
Answers are undeveloped or has no supportive examples; analysis is vague or not evident; reader is confused or may be misinformed
PurposeExceeds Standards30 pointsMeets Standards26.7 pointsNeeds Improvement20.7 pointsDoes Not Meet Standards17.7 pointsCategory is worth 30% of overall grade
Introduces and answers all questions effectively and clearly; central purpose is readily apparent to the reader; makes connections
Introduces and answers all questions adequately; purpose is consistently clear throughout the paper
Introduces and answers all questions somewhat effectively; writing has a clear purpose but may sometimes digress from it
Introduces and answer questions poorly; purpose is generally unclear
Documentation and SupportExceeds Standards20 pointsMeets Standards17.8 pointsNeeds Improvement13.8 pointsDoes Not Meet Standards11.8 pointsCategory is worth or 20% of overall grade
Answers are supported effectively with legitimate sources from the learning resources and/or outside resources that are clearly attributed consistently throughout paper; uses APA format accurately and consistently
Answers are supported effectively with legitimate sources from the learning resources and/or outside resources that are clearly attributed but not consistent, yet “generally” supported; uses proper formatting with minor violations
Although attribution is present and many sources seem to be legitimate, some statements are unsubstantiated or generalized and the source of some ideas is unclear or some claims are made without support from the learning resources and/or outside resources
Attribution is missing, or sources given are poorly chosen; claims are consistently made without support from the learning resources and/or outside resources; reflect incomplete knowledge of formatting.
Organization and Writing MechanicsExceeds Standards10 pointsMeets Standards8.9 pointsNeeds Improvement6.9 pointsDoes Not Meet Standards5.9 pointsCategory is worth 10% of overall grade
Arranges ideas clearly and logically to support the purpose; ideas flow smoothly and are effectively linked; reader can follow the line of reasoning; Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness with no grammatical/sentence structure errors
Arranges ideas adequately to support the purpose; links between ideas are generally clear; reader can follow the line of reasoning for the most part; Writing is accomplished in terms of clarity and conciseness and contains only a few grammatical/sentence
Arranges ideas adequately, in general, although ideas sometimes fail to make sense together; reader remains fairly clear about what writer intends; Writing sometimes lacks clarity or conciseness and contains various grammatical/sentence structure errors
Arranges ideas illogically; ideas frequently fail to make sense together; reader cannot identify a line of reasoning and becomes frustrated or loses interest; Writing is unfocused, rambling, or contains serious grammatical/sentence structure errors