wk5 2

Welcome to Week 5 of your course. This discussion question will help you prepare for your CLA 2_paper and final CLA 2 PowerPoint and as such, will have a fair amount of detail. _ 
Read the CLA 2_ assignment listed in Week 8 of the course_. Then, please provide an outline that itemizes the concepts_ that you will include in your CLA 2 paper and final PowerPoint. Please be sure to _include concepts_ learned in the course and information (findings, conclusions) from your _PA 1, CLA 1_, and papers. Provide some brief details for each item that is outlined. Please keep in mind that you should have place-holders for material not yet covered in lecture from Weeks 6 and 7. Here is an itemized list that summarizes the requirements of this DQ (include every item in the bullet list below, or you will not_ receive full credit)_: 

Outline that itemizes concepts learned in the course 
Include information (findings, conclusions) from your PA 1, CLA 1 
Brief details for each item that is outlined 
Place-holders for material not yet covered 

read cla2 assessment (attached blow), finish above questions, (PA1 CLA1 are attached  )