World literature essay exam | Literature homework help

  See the attached instructions for your first essay exam.     There are four options on the exam.     Take a few minutes to review each option.     Think about which topic best resonates with you, which reading passage  did you like the best, and which option will allow you the best  opportunity to complete the assignment.      Next, once you select your topic/option, conduct some preliminary  research on the idea. What resources work best to help you support your  ideas? Brainstorm and prewrite, look back over the notes you took while  reading, how do these notes help you respond to the essay question? The  essay responses take some time to think about, so spend some time  outlining, prewriting, and sketching out your ideas before you start  typing the essay. The essay exams are not your typical exams. You have  to reflect on the themes and poignant ideas presented in the readings,  and then decide how best to respond to the essay topic.     One note of advice — don’t wait until the last minute to start the  essay exams. The essays are much like mini-research papers. They take  time, planning, and preparation.     Although this is an exam, it’s still an essay, and as such, you may  use the OWL or visit the Academic Skills Center for tutorial support. Be  sure to follow directions in the syllabus and in the announcements of  your eCampus class for in-person tutorial support.     Dr. Forbess