Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the significance of sushi and its globalization.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the significance of sushi and its globalization. In order to obtain a more primary view of the key concepts, the anthropological study took place in Hokkaido, which is a town located in Hokkaido Island. Hokkaido Island is one of the four major Japanese islands. In Hokkaido town, there is a famous Japanese sushi restaurant known as Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, where the Executive Chef, Mr. Thomas Kok was the main interviewee.Firstly, while at the town, especially the restaurant, most people including both locals and tourists, flocked into the hotel. all with the plan of having sushi. Secondly, most people enjoyed the meal especially, how the chefs designed it on the plate. Additionally, customers found it very delicious. Thirdly, the kitchen management consisted of only local citizens of the town. that is, Japanese. The chefs do not have hair on their arms or face. While eating, a person dips the fish into soy sauce before ingesting it.THOMAS KOK: Despite it being a renowned Japanese delicacy, sushi describes and reminds people of the ancient Japanese culture. Most of the ancestors were fishermen even before farming commenced. Therefore, it forms part of the ancient Japanese culture.THOMAS KOK: The hotel receives a large number of customers every day, all with the aim of eating sushi. Sushi is a meal made of vinegar rice topped or mixed with items such as raw fish or shellfish. In the seventh century, the people of southeast Asia found a way to preserve fish, known pickling (Hsin 205). Later on, the Japanese adopted the same procedure, which involved pressing raw cleaned fish in between rice and salt using a heavy stone. The fish would stay there for several days before considering consumption. As the years passed, so did the ancient process of making sushi. During the 19th century, people abandoned the fermentation process and began using vinegar. Currently, Japanese hotels make sushi by mixing or topping vinegar rice with raw fish or shellfish. Most people prefer using chopsticks while eating a meal. Based on eating etiquette, the hotel prohibits smoking while eating. In America, it is served as a fast food made up of sushi rolls found in supermarkets (Hsin208).&nbsp.