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Here is Prompt & outline
do a 5-Paragraph essay  Minimum of three direct quotes from Beowulf.
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(from page7 to last pages is all article.) The Monster Grendel (title –until the end of pdf)
Prompt:Pick out a theme demonstrated in the epic and show how it is similar to or different from today’s world.
Theme of Beowulf: Bravery-when someone needs help one should stand up to help, even if it requires sacrifice  
Thesis Statement: In today’s world, people don’t want to sacrifice because they think it might get them in trouble, but in the past, people believed that people should help other people, and we can see that conveyed in Beowulf. . 
Main Idea 1: In the story of Beowulf, Beowulf was a warrior who won many battles, a kingdom wanted his help. Beowulf came, and killed the beast and saved the kingdom. He was willing to sacrifice his life for others. Even though it means death to him. In the Bible, Jesus sacrificed his life for us, so that he can bring salvation and take our sins away. There are many great examples of sacrificing life for others.
Main Idea 2: In modern days, people started to become selfish, and people don’t tend to help each other any more. People trying to avoid trouble as much as possible. It is creating a bad community. The meaning of life is to help others or ones that need help, and never be so selfish. 
Maine Idea 3: People need to learn to be helpful, and willing to help others. Not just by helping others, and stand out when you witness unfairness. Never be afraid of anything. Justice needs to be applied. If everyone can help each other, then this world will become a better place. Learn from the old people, and be helpful. 
Conclusion: restate thesis, summarize main ideas, takeaway for the reader (call to action, connection/application to “real world”) 
People think sacrifice for other is a waste of time and it might get them in trouble because they think it is not worth the time and effort to help others
Befores world people help each other 
Today’s world no one helps 
In conclusion we should help each other