You have been hired to create a sales plan for a new mail order company that…

You have been hired to create a sales plan for a new mail order
company that will specialize in brand-name sports shoes for men and
women. The shoes are priced below those in department stores.
Because the main problem with buying shoes from a mail order
company is that customers may have trouble ordering the correct
size, you have to devise a system that will make it easy for
customers to return items that do not fit.
Write a proposal letter that explains your research-based plan
to meet the specific needs of this company’s audience and also
persuades that audience to use this particular company and its
The letter itself might be one page (perhaps a bit more), but it
would be wise also to include a mock-up of an ad (or whatever you
are recommending). Remember that your recommendation should be
backed by research.

      Points Available

Evidence of planning & Proofreading
clear purpose, clear audience profile, clear main idea, limited
scope, organized content, avoids intercultural missteps
Clear, concise writing style (evidence of revision,
conversational tone, plain English, strong word choice, coherent
sentences and paragraphs)

A     B/ C   D   F
3      2.5    
2    1
Not evident = 0

Audience-centered (clear main idea, audience’s needs are met,
“you” attitude applied, professionalism shown, strong, positive
relationship with the audience is established)

A   B   C    
D   F
5   4   3.5   3   1
Not evident = 0

Persuasive Proposal Components

A     B   C  
D   F
10   8    7   6  
Not evident = 0

Page design (correct business letter parts, block format, single
spaced, clean, professional appearance, evidence of

B/C      D/ F
1.5        1
Not evident = 0

TOTAL (20 possible)


A = outstanding
B= proficient
C= adequate
D= basic
F = unacceptable